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Hi, I'm Jerry Gagliano.
A PWA & Front-end Developer

Passionate front-end web developer crafting solid progressive web apps with great user experiences.

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jerry gagliano

Over 15 years,

of experience in web development, building interfaces and tools for various companies or projects. Started my career as a fullstack web developer. As Javascript frameworks became in demand and popular, my interest grew more towards a front-end developer, building UI experiences with progressive web apps.

Currently a senior front-end developer at Sportlogiq, the industry leader for NHL hockey data-collection and advanced analytics. I maintain and build UI features on their analytics web platform based on the lastest Angular framework.


Not 100% designer but understand the design patterns. Capable of designing an interface bringing ideas on a canvas.


Building SPA client-side applications with modern features like PWAs and while maintaining semantic coding style among other best practices for SEO optimization.


Capable of buildng scalable and maintainable apis using modern technology stacks such as Node.js, Express, and Firebase Cloud Functions.


Maintaining the life cycle of a digital product. Creating CI pipelines, tests, cloud environments.

Tech Stacks I Use



Front-end framework creating spa complex web apps.

Skill level (90%)


Platform for hosting web apps and NoSQL data management.

Skill level (95%)


Create apis, manage data with heavy logic computations.

Skill level (90%)


React based framework generating server and static websites.

Skill level (80%)

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