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4 Reasons Why Developers or Designers Should Have a Blog


As developers we like to code, designers like to design but blogging is usually out of the question. Probably the only writing we perform is documentation for our work.

Developers or designers like reading blogs when arriving on an interesting topic as they can grasp quick ideas. Video content such as Youtube works well when learning a complex solution, framework or a design pattern. You'll get the actual visual aspect of the developer or designer teaching the topic but it can be long. Readers sometimes need some quick ideas, blogs are a great tool to come across.

As for myself, I always wanted to create a blog but what stopped me was time and the type of content to produce. There are abundance of blogs on the web which haven't been updated or just the typical topics for example "How to install xxx or setup a framework" that repeats the same information from the actual origin documentation.

This keeps us thinking is another blog needed? Let's go through some reasons and hopefully you will get a good idea.

1. Makes Your Portfolio Site More Interesting

You have a portfolio site with a great list of skills that comes with it. Amazing! A user comes to your site, reads your skillset and vanished. Instead with blog setup they learn more about you and discover what you have done. Eventually they can follow you, demand more content and check what new ideas or projects your accomplishing.

If your content is organised and brings value to readers your blogs could potientially be ranked in search engines and users can eventually discover you that way.

You will be capable of growing an audience from scratch, before your project is released, meaning they will be much more likely to give your project a chance if/when it does come out!

2. Exposes Your Brand

Demonstrates your audience what your capable of performing or what have you accomplished with greater details. They can learn and connect with you in certain ways. If come across your name else where they will remember you! Here are some ways that exposes your brand.

  • who you are
  • what are you passionate about
  • what you do and what you did
  • what you like to share

Personal branding is basically about everything that defines you from the languages you are expertize to the blogs you write.

3. Makes you a better developer or designer

We are all great in coding or designing a solution. When it's time to explain the solution or why we choose this specific way of doing it, it may become difficult to explain it learly.

Basically writing blog posts forces you to think more carefully about the code that your writing or designs your creating, making you a better developer or designer overall.

4. Share Your Knowlege or Experiences

When you share your experiences and truth with others, you gain a different level of respect. Especially helping them solve a problem quickly. If one problem took you three days to accomplish then write about that topic!

Eventually that topic will help another developers solve the same issue at faster pace. That will immedialy give them confidence in you and recommend your blog to other developers.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article motivates you in starting a blog. As I'm starting off this blog, I am hoping in the future I will write about how my blogging journey helped me. Either good or bad!

Remember that you don’t need to publish hundreds of blogs in a short amount of time. Quality is better than quantity. If feedback is provided from your readers then it means your content is valuable.

Concentrate on blogging about your experiences, thoughs and what you solutions you resolved. That will help you become a better communicator and lead you to other ways.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this blog. If you find any invalid information or want to add more this blog you may contact me at: